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Our aim is to halt the ageing process and to turn the clock back, to rejuvenate and to make our patients look as young as they feel inside.

It is our philosophy to apply a holistic approach to every individual patient, and with a wide range of the most advanced non-surgical techniques, we strive to design a tailor-made cosmetic treatment plan for you.

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Dr. Nick Milojevic

One of the leading british aesthetic doctors Milo Clinic TV channel

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" Plastic fantastic: London’s best cosmetic surgeons..."

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" Smooth-talking Milojevic has one of the lightest touches on Harley Street. Botox is still going strong, he says; what’s changed is the volume used...."

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" Over the last couple of years , Dr Milojevic has been working very hard indeed at developing his techniques for non-surgical eye bag removal (“the tear trough”) procedure as well as his pioneering non surgical nose shaping with dermal fillers, an..."

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" The results were amazing and, after three years, I still haven't had to repeat the treatment. I'm not considering rhinoplasty any more..."

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" During our consultation (in which I spent much of the time surreptitiously looking as his nose) he interviewed me as much as I did him. Interestingly, he revealed that he often turns people down (“If a patient has unrealistic expectations or if the..."

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" Dr Nikola Milojevic, dubbed as the"Botox King" by the UK media, was recently interviewed on Sky News discussing the increasing new trend of treating excessive sweating with botox...."

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"Dr Milo, thank you for your patience and remarkable work. I feel ten years younger and now look amazing! I have recommended your cosmetic services to all my friends."

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Aesthetic Beauty Treatments

We offer a wide range of treatments and combine appropriate treatments after a personalised consultation with you.

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Harper’s Bazaar: Everything you need to know about non-surgical body contouring

A leading aesthetic doctor answers all The body contouring market is only getting bigger. According to research from GlobalData, the market for non-invasive and minimally invasive fat reduction procedures is set to rise in value from around £500 million in 2015 to over £830 million by 2022. Arguably part and parcel of the ‘Kardashian effect’, […]

Metro: Are we going to swap lip fillers for lip lifts?

Now that Kylie Jenner has let (part) of her lip fillers dissolve away, will we all give up on the plumped up look? No, probably not. There are still countless celebs and influencers opting for fillers and making us consider the same (just look at the impact of Love Island‘s Megan Barton-Hanson), so our obsession […]

Harper’s Bazaar: Everything you need to know about non-surgical nose jobs

A leading aesthetic doctor answers all Non-surgical rhinoplasty (more literally known as ‘nose filler’) is an aesthetic treatment rising in popularity with women and men alike. According to data released by a private clinic, such non-surgical nose jobs increased by 29% over the past year. With an evident rise in the use of aesthetics due […]

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The non surgical face lifting whole face approach – stunning results

The non surgical face lifting whole face approach with instant results. This comprehensive treatment treats all regions, rejuvenates the entire face, restores volume and achieves true non-surgical lifting. No recovery time, no scars. This non surgical treatment is truly stunning.   https://youtu.be/U0BfcDNYscUVideo can’t be loaded: The non surgical face lifting whole face approach – stunning […]

Facial rejuvenation and body shaping trends presented in Dubrovnik

The world’s top aesthetic doctors gathered in Dubrovnik last month. The occasion of their gathering was the international aesthetic congress, The Aesthetic Medicine Congress (TAMC), which was held from 19 to 21 October in the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel. In collaboration with the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, it was organized by aesthetic physician Nikola Milojević. […]

The Aesthetic Medicine Congress 2018 – KEYNOTE SPEAKERS

The Aesthetic Medicine Congress is a unique scientific congress in the region featuring the latest clinical information, updates and practical education in the field of non-surgical aesthetic medicine. Experts in aesthetic medicine will talk about skin rejuvenation treatments, dermal fillers, botox, anti-aging treatments, laser skin aesthetics, body shaping, management of complications, communication with patients, building […]

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