Underarm sweating – The Daily Telegraph

�Dr Nikola Milojevic was recently interviewed by the Daily Telegraph on the huge increase in demand for botox treatment for underarm sweating and hand sweating. This revolutionary and life changing treatment has been given the term “SWEATOX”.

“Botox for wrinkles is nothing new ,but now cosmetic clinics report an increase in a little known use: sweat reduction. “Botox blocks the nerves from telling the sweat glands to sweat” says Dr Nick Milojevic of the Harley Medical Group.It can be injected into the clammy trouble spots such as the underarms brow or hands and leave you dry for months at a time hence it’s new nickname: “Sweatox”.

For people who suffer from excessive sweating- a medical condition called hyperhydrosis, which affects about one person in a hundred- Sweatox could be a godsend.”


15, October, 2008Milo Clinic News