Skin Tags Treatments

Skin Tags, otherwise known as Acrochordon, are incredibly common and are identified as very small growths that are soft to touch.  They re the same colour as the flesh or dark pigmented tissue.  Skin tags that hang from the skin (pedunculated) are often referred to as skin tabs.

Skin Tags often appear on the eyelids, underarms, the groin, under the breasts and neck.  Males and females can develop anything from one to a hundred skin tags.  At some point, every person will aquire a skin tag at some point within their lifetime.   It is thought that skin tags occur as a result of the skin rubbing against itself of clothing.

Those that are middle aged and overweight are particularly prone to skin tags.  A hormone change in pregnant women may increase the potential in gaining skin tags.  Skin Tags are generally harmless although some consider them to be harmless.

We provide the following treatments for Skin Tags:

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