Crow’s Feet Treatments

crows-feetCrow’s feet is a term that is used to define the fine lines that occur around the eyes.  They appear when the skin loses its collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Exposure to the sun’s UV rays is a huge contributor to the formation of crow’s feet as the skin around the eyes is often exposed to the sun and normally unprotected.  Ageing also plays an instrumental role in the occurrence of crow’s feet as the production of collagen declines and the skin does not appear as hydrated as it once was. As the elastin declines, the skin cannot ‘spring back’ to the state that it was once in.

As the skin around the eyes is particularly thin, it does not contain the oil producing glands that the rest of the face does.  Therefore, the lines develop more rapidly than they would on the rest of the face.

To avoid crows feet it is wise to wear sunglasses in bright lights, adopt a nutritious diet and use quality eye creams.

The Milo clinic has overseen as many as 25000 cases of Botox over the years and as many as 15000 treatments of crows feet, all performed by Dr Milojevic, making him the most experienced botox doctor in the U.K. He has performed as many as 45 botox cases per day in the past! It is why the U.K. press calls him the botox king and regard him to be the best botox doctor in his field.

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