Best dermal fillers – my detailed analysis for which are currently the best hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and for which treatment

Every company and every brand of hyaluronic fillers promises to be the best, to have the softest gel, and the longest lasting filler. But what is the real truth? Which brand is the best for you, and which filler should you choose for a specific treatment: nasolabial wrinkles, lips, nose, cheeks, quality of skin tone, […]

26, April, 2018Dr Milo Blogs

Harper’s Bazaar: 10 tips for finding the right Botox clinic

  As the most popular aesthetic procedure in the world, more and more clinics are offering Botox treatments in the UK. Many of us may already have a firm favourite practitioner, however for someone new to Botox, deciding where to go can seem daunting. To aid you with your research we spoke to Dr Nick […]

23, April, 2018Dr Milo Blogs

Sic Noticias: The Princess of America

The UK is getting ready for the wedding of the year. In May, Prince Harry is getting married. The hotels in Windsor, where the ceremony takes place, no longer make reservations, and trade expects to hit records. The bride is Meghan Markle, an actress, born in the United States of America. She is divorced, has […]

09, April, 2018Dr Milo Blogs

Aesthetics Journal: Comparing Medical Aesthetics in Croatia and the UK

Dr Nikola Milojevic compares modern medical aesthetics in Croatia and the UK. Being the owner of two aesthetics clinics, one in Zagreb, Croatia and one in London, I can compare two very different countries and approaches to aesthetic medicine. I split my time between the two countries, which I think has made me a better […]

08, March, 2018Dr Milo Blogs

The Mirror: Why Meghan Markle could be putting an end to Instagram trends like ‘duck lips’

One expert thinks her naturally beautiful looks are sparking more people to opt for subtle enhancements The ‘Meghan Markle effect’ was coined because of her power to sell out just about anything, and it proves that the world just wants to be a little more Meghan. It also seems this influence might even reach as […]

05, March, 2018Dr Milo Blogs

Tatler: Eyes on the prize

Meet Dr Nick Milojevic, the specialist knows a the ‘Botox King’.  He will – quite literally – open your eyes to the wonderful world on non-invasive cosmetic procedures With more than 13 years of experience in non-surgical procedures and an impressive family pedigree (his father was on the of European pioneers in moders plastic surgery), […]

05, March, 2018Dr Milo Blogs

BOTOX AND FILLERS: Fantastic makeover!

Watch these three ladies undergo a fantastic makeover from the safe hands of Dr. Nikola Milojević can’t be loaded: BOTOX AND FILLERS: Fantastic makeover! (

22, February, 2018Dr Milo Blogs

Dr. Milojevic in Look magazine

People Want These Cosmetic Procedures For A Meghan Markle Look Photo by Chris Radburn Meghan Markle during a visit to Cardiff Castle in Wales   From lip fillers to Botox, it seems we all want to channel Meghan… Since Prince Harry proposed back in November, it’s safe to say we’ve all become a teeny bit […]

09, February, 2018Dr Milo Blogs

Dr Milo’s interview with Marie Claire

What is Baby Botox and why are more young women than ever having it done? Kylie Jenner has admitted to having lip fillers at 17. Is ‘baby Botox’ next? Credit: Rex ‘Think less Kardashian, more Markle’ Baby Botox is big news among influencers – and the cosmetic surgery trend is set to hit an Insta-feed […]

02, February, 2018Dr Milo Blogs

The Guardian: New year, new you aesthetic makeover

As everyone takes their first baby steps into the new year of 2018, Dr. Nick Milojevic, owner of the Milo Clinic-the leading aesthetic clinic in London’s Harley Street-offers some advice on how to repair and rejuvenate skin, and enter into a brand new year looking even more beautiful. Dr. Milojevic is one of the UK’s […]

18, January, 2018Dr Milo Blogs