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Wrinkles on my skin and face. How did I get them? How to prevent that from happening? How do I treat them?

  My field of expertise is Aesthetic Medicine: Skin hygiene and treatment, Rejuvenation of face, skin and body, Wrinkle elimination, Restoration of lost facial plumpness and volume, Face beautification, Correction of facial proportions, etc. These are my everyday tasks but my mission is to achieve the results non-surgically, using the most modern techniques that leave […]

14, May, 2020Dr Milo Blogs

„I want to get rid of the tired look around my eyes!“ Well, come and have this revolutionary eyebag treatment!

„I want to get rid of the tired look around my eyes!“ is the most common request I get from my patients when they enter my clinic, literally. The eyebag treatment about which I am writing this blog is the quick fix answer, but it is a quick fix which leaves lasting and natural results. […]

03, October, 2019Dr Milo Blogs

The non surgical face lifting whole face approach – stunning results

The non surgical face lifting whole face approach with instant results. This comprehensive treatment treats all regions, rejuvenates the entire face, restores volume and achieves true non-surgical lifting. No recovery time, no scars. This non surgical treatment is truly stunning.  

09, July, 2019Dr Milo Blogs

Facial rejuvenation and body shaping trends presented in Dubrovnik

The world’s top aesthetic doctors gathered in Dubrovnik last month. The occasion of their gathering was the international aesthetic congress, The Aesthetic Medicine Congress (TAMC), which was held from 19 to 21 October in the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel. In collaboration with the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, it was organized by aesthetic physician Nikola Milojević. […]

14, November, 2018Dr Milo Blogs

The Aesthetic Medicine Congress 2018 – KEYNOTE SPEAKERS

The Aesthetic Medicine Congress is a unique scientific congress in the region featuring the latest clinical information, updates and practical education in the field of non-surgical aesthetic medicine. Experts in aesthetic medicine will talk about skin rejuvenation treatments, dermal fillers, botox, anti-aging treatments, laser skin aesthetics, body shaping, management of complications, communication with patients, building […]

26, September, 2018Dr Milo Blogs

The Aesthetic Medicine Congress 2018

From 19th to 21st of October, at the Palace Hotel in the beautiful town of Dubrovnik (Croatia), British College of Aesthetic Medicine and Polyclinic Milojević present The Aesthetic Medicine Congress. Three days of the Congress will include comprehensive lectures, practical workshops and masterclasses, modules and panel discussions held by the leading aesthetic experts and KOLs […]

26, July, 2018Dr Milo Blogs

Extensive Interview with Dr. Milojevic for

“LITTLE SECRETS OF THE GREAT MASTERS OR HOW TO REJUVENATE ONESELF UNNOTICEABLY AT ANY AGE” Dr. Nikola Milojević needs no special introduction because if you’ve ever considered any kind of non-surgical rejuvenation, in the vastness of the internet you have surely come across educational articles written by this reputed doctor who acquired his knowledge and […]

04, June, 2018Dr Milo Blogs

Best dermal fillers – my detailed analysis for which are currently the best hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and for which treatment

Every company and every brand of hyaluronic fillers promises to be the best, to have the softest gel, and the longest lasting filler. But what is the real truth? Which brand is the best for you, and which filler should you choose for a specific treatment: nasolabial wrinkles, lips, nose, cheeks, quality of skin tone, […]

26, April, 2018Dr Milo Blogs

BOTOX AND FILLERS: Fantastic makeover!

Watch these three ladies undergo a fantastic makeover from the safe hands of Dr. Nikola Milojević

22, February, 2018Dr Milo Blogs

Why I do not perform treatments using thread lifts

Ever since I specialised in the field of aesthetic medicine, I have of course followed carefully all the latest trends and advancements in that field, but of course first and foremost with the benefit to my patients in mind. When we talk about the latest trend of aesthetic rejuvenation using thread lifts, I am very […]

11, October, 2017Dr Milo Blogs