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Dr Nick Milojevic
Dr Nick Milojevic

Dr Nick Milojevic is the owner and clinical director of the MILO CLINIC, which is one of London’s leading aesthetic medicine clinics, specialising in an array of cutting edge aesthetic procedures and treatments aimed to rejuvenate the face and body. His passion, ambition and artistic feeling for aesthetic medicine are unrivalled. He has a unique and modern approach to this fast growing field of medicine, which he believes to be the future (and increasingly the present) of Plastic surgery.

Dr Nick Milojevic studied for his medical degree at The Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in London from 1990-1995, gaining an MBBS degree. He then attended the specialisation in general surgery for two and a half years, before converting to the specialisation of general practice.

For 5 years Dr Milojevic worked for the Harley Medical Group as their leading aesthetic doctor, treating as many as 40 patients per day. His own clinic, Milo clinic continues it’s work as one of London’s leading aesthetic clinics. He has become recognised as a leading expert in this field, and is asked to make regular TV appearances and to give expert interviews in magazines and newspapers. His recent media involvement has included Channel 5, Sky News, MTV, Tatler, Marie Claire, The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, Brand New You magazine, Company magazine and Woman magazine to name just a few. The Daily Express recently named him to be the top expert for botox in the UK.

Dr Nick Milojevic was exposed to the world of aesthetic medicine from a very early age, visiting his father’s clinic, attending plastic surgery conferences, and assisting him with operations as soon as he started medical school. His father, Professor Bosko Milojevic was one of the European pioneers of modern plastic surgery, and opened the first private plastic surgery clinic in 1967 in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. This was the first ever private clinic in that part of the world. He was one of the leading and most respected experts in the field of plastic surgery and shared a great friendship and working relationship with some of the world’s leading plastic surgeons including Ivo Pitanguy, from Rio de Janeiro and Bob Flowers from Hawaii.

Dr Milojevic has remained at the forefront of this exciting new field of medicine, by attending conferences and courses throughout the world, perfecting his techniques, and always keeping up to date and incorporating many of the ever emerging cosmetic treatments and procedures into his repertoire.

He is the leading expert and lecturer on many cosmetic courses where he teaches various advanced botox and dermal filler techniques to 20-30 candidates every month.Dr Milojevic is an expert trainer and teacher, and has a brilliant hands on teaching style, passing on his experience, skill and small secrets, which make all the difference to the candidates.

Dr Milojevic is a member of the leading medical associations and governing bodies including: BCAM (British College of Aesthetic Medicine) GMC (General Medical Council), MPS (Medical Protection Society).





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