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Treatments for Men

Treatments for MenThe 21st century man cares for his appearance, and in recognition of this we specialise in specific treatments and techniques to cater for men.

Working in tough jobs and burning the candle at both ends can in time make us look more tired and unhealthy. For example, a lot of men tell us that the frown lines between their eyes have become a permanent feature, and even though they are not, people often tell them that they look permanently stressed or stern. So whether you want to look more healthy, more relaxed or simply just more youthful, we have many techniques specifically tailored for you.

Please don't be shy, as more and more men have treatments like Botox, Fillers or Chemical Peels every day. Just like using male products and creams, or waxing your body hair, these cosmetic treatments have become a completely acceptable part of a modern healthy lifestyle of many men.

I have been asked by Nick to offer a short account of experiences with his services. I am very glad to share my experiences and to provide the highest recommendation. For us middle-age men improving our looks requires a very carefully considered approach, one which results in getting a more youthful look without looking stupid! There are many exceptional aspects to asking Nick for various treatments but I think chief amongst them is his consistently candid approach to making sure that the best and most appropriate amount of treatment is applied. Nick does not provide a low cost service and nor is it expensive, its exceptionally good value. I cannot praise enough Nick's attention to detail and exceptional results he produces.

Niroo Niroomand